XML Standards for the HR Industry

As an employee of LIXI, I am always on the look out for what other countries, industries  and organisations are doing in the way of interoperability and enabling efficiency and the mechanisms used to reach those goals.

HR-XML has just announced a name change to HR Open Standards. Based in the United States, this member based XML standards organisation works towards simplifying communications and messaging in the area of human resources. They have recently released an short video which quickly explains the value of standardisation across an industry. Very cleverly done, the content could just as easily be about the benefits of standards to the lending industry, as HR.

In order to more easily communicate LIXI's goals, perhaps LIXI should consider a video like this one, or perhaps another medium would be more appropriate. As always, LIXI welcomes suggestions on how best to communicate with our Members and the industry at large.

Jennifer Hill / 20 March 2014