Title Search Working Group

Although title searches are routinely requested in some manner electronically (albeit without a standard 'request' format), they are delivered to the end users either as a pdf, an image, or at best as a text file. The title data is then manually re-keyed into practice management or mortgage processing systems. As a result errors and mistakes are unavoidable; this can result in re-work and amended transfers as a direct consequence of the manual re-keying.

Significant interest was expressed by LIXI Members in addressing this inefficiency, specifically at the 2009 LIXI Forum. As a result, LIXI members proposed that requirements for an industry standard and response architecture be collected in order to develop a standard. The standard must be sufficient to permit parties involved in mortgage process transactions to request a title search and receive the title data in appropriately granular format, thereby enabling straight-through processing for mortgage settlement.

The business requirement documents were begun in 2009 but no further work has been done to date on this standard.

Convenor: Erik Fenna

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