LIXI 2 Standards


The current generation of industry standards (LIXI2) were designed using the experience gained from over ten years of implementation and support of the original LIXI1 standards suite (CAL, VAL, LMI and Backchannel being the most widely adopted). The first LIXI2 CAL Standard was officially released in November 2013.

LIXI2 offers substantial improvements over LIXI1 in a number of key areas, and our new, modern approach to managing the standards takes full advantage of those improvements.

Reduced Ambiguity

LIXI1 standards were (by design) extremely flexible - but it allowed the same data to be represented in multiple ways. That flexibility was extremely valuable in early implementations, but it prevented high levels of interoperability.

A more restrictive End User License Agreement ensures that schema extensions are contributed back to LIXI to be incorporated into the standards.


As a member-based not-for-profit, efficiency is paramount! LIXI2 allows us to scale changes across many members and licensees, rather than one-off customisations, generating savings for us - and you.

Our approach to LIXI2
LIXI2.0 has the following key components:
1. A comprehensive collection of data definitions - initially distributed as an excel file (The LIXI Data Dictionary), and from the 25th of February 2016 as annotations within the schema file.
2. A new standards package schema - comprising all component data segments utilised in loan process, along with work instructions for the message recipient.
3. A new electronic guidebook schema - allowing automation of data fields, business rules and print document templates under the control of the intended message recipient.
3. New licensing and pricing agreements - created in consultation with the industry, these changes preserve the value of the standards while ensuring pricing is fair and equitable.
4. Change management - for use with the data dictionary, this new process will ensure changes are completed in a timely manner with associated SLAs.

The benefits of LIXI 2.0 to the industry include:
-    greater data consistency & quality;
-    lower cost of implementation;
-    lower cost of managing change, and;
-    the opportunity for lenders to directly control business rule changes.

LIXI 2.0's extensive Data Dictionary, which unambiguously defines every item of information that is exchanged within the LIXI 2.0 message standard, was collected and verified over a period of three years through extensive one-on-one industry consultation and gap analysis with key users. Containing over 2000 definitions and thousands of enumerations supported by over 2000 definitions within the LIXI Glossary, the Data Dictionary currently extends beyond mortgage origination to other lending functions such as equipment finance and deposit accounts.

Within LIXI 2.0, a new ‘Electronic Guidebook’ standard will allow parties to quickly and easily express the business rules which govern lending decisions, based on brand or ownership. Template guidebooks will be provided by LIXI and LIXI is currently seeking assistance from a lender and aggregator with the resources and appetite to assist with the creation of these documents.

Suggested and required changes will be supported with a responsive change management process. LIXI is committed to ensuring that changes, additions, extensions and deletions to the Data Dictionary will be completed in realistic timeframes. A conformance testing regime is under development to support this and, once completed, will be mandatory.