Document Sharing Working Group


There is a significant amount of work going on around the world in relation to sharing documents in an intelligent way between computer systems or applications. In order to maximise the utility of these services, participants need to agree on a number of mechanisms and related content. LIXI members are developing or working on agreements for specific standards in a number of areas including the document upload and download mechanisms; the so-called 'metadata' fields that categorise information about the file(s) being transferred; the lists of values for enumerated metadata fields; and the categorisation of types of documents as they relate to mortgage processing.

The original announcement of this agreement process was at the 2009 Annual LIXI Forum, where NextGen.Net presented an initial proposal for RESTful document sharing with an associated file/folder structure and metadata content, and this was followed by a more detailed Evening Series on the same subject. LIXI Members are encouraged to continue this process of standardisation and agreement, particularly as documents can now be attached within a number of other LIXI standards such as CAL applications and backchannel messages.

There is a substantial amount of relevant information on the internet which may be of interest to LIXI members regarding this subject. For instance:

From a business case perspective, LIXI Member organisations have expressed an interest in collaborative document exchange to support mortgage loan applications, particularly in areas such as customer documents to support the application, mortgage application documents, valuations, shared documents for mortgage insurance applications, and documents that suport the settlement process.

Document Sharing Working Group

All LIXI Members are welcome to participate in the Document Sharing working group email distribution list. Please contact if you would like access or have an interest in following the discussions.

A key 'next step' for the working group will be to agree on some business requirements that are to be met with a document sharing API, within the contexts that are already under discussion and/or development. This would include metadata field names, lists of values for enumerated metadata fields, and the categorisation of types of documents as they relate to mortgage processing

2015 Update

At the request of LIXI members the previous Document Sharing schema was merged with the Settlements function and a new Documents and Settlements (DAS) working Group was formed in June 2015.

A Documents and Settlements (DAS) Standard was released for RFC in June 2015. DAS 2.0.0 was released on 25th February 2016.

For more information on this visit the Document Sharing and Settlements Working Group page.

The working group requires a Convenor and and Editor to coordinate the group as well as record meetings and related progress. Please contact if you or your organisation would like to play an active role in coordinating this working group.

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