Document Preparation and Settlements Working Group

The Document Preparation and Settlements Working Group formed in 2015 to develop a LIXI 2 standard to enable a Lender to submit an electronic request to a document production system to prepare "Document Packs" and to specify the method of document return. These Document Packs can include National Credit Code regulated and unregulated Loan Contracts, mortgage/charge/guarantee security documentation and associated documentation, correspondence/ checklists/forms etc.

For the initial implementation, this working group followed a fast-track standards development process, culminating in the release of a draft of the standard (Release for Comment).

This version was then incorporated into the new LIXI 2 Master Schema methodology and released to production as LIXI DAS 2.0.0 Standard on the 25th February 2016.

The working group was initiated and executed by LeadPoint Mortgage Services in conjunction with their business partners. David Maher of LeadPoint Mortgage Services presented a paper describing their implementation of the DAS Standard with their partners on the project (Queensland Teachers Mutual Bank & Decision Intellect) at the 2015 LIXI Forum (LeadPoint presentation at the 2015 LIXI Forum)

This working group was archived in 2017 after the release of DAS 2.2.3. Change requests should be submitted via the LIXI Change Request form or via the LIXILab.