Credit Decision Working Group

The Credit Decision Working Group published the first version of the LIXI 2 Credit Decision (CDA) standard on the 5th May 2017 (CDA 2.0.0). Subsequent versions are available on the LIXI Release History page.

This standard offers an independent way of interfacing credit origination systems with credit decision systems in order to facilitate the following process for credit applications:

  • Scoring;
  • Identity verification;
  • Fraud checking;
  • Policy verification;
  • Security register checking;
  • Credit worthiness;
  • Decision making.

Proposer: Sandstone Technology
Seconder: Decision Intellect

LIXI continues to seek involvement in order to refine and extend this standard from industry participants. If you are interested in joining this collaborative effort, please email Louise Harper.

Updated: 18th April 2018