Training Expression of Interest 2019

Bookings are currently open for sessions in Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne and can be booked via the below links. Sessions in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth are currently in the works.

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2019 Training Expression of Interest

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Introduction to LIXI2: A broad overview of LIXI2 intended for people that are new to the LIXI community. What is LIXI? What are the LIXI2 standards? What resources are available to LIXI members? We will show you how to access online resources, how to log in to LIXILab and how to raise change requests and participate in the change process.
Credit Application Tutorial: An introduction to how a typical credit application is represented in LIXI2. We will step through each of the main elements that comprise a LIXI2 message. We will look at the LIXI2 representation of the Applicant, Loan Details, Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses, Employment, Contact Details, Addresses, and more.
Simplifying the Standard: Create a customised version of the LIXI2 standard using our 'Customisation by Restriction' methodology. In this session you will learn to use the LIXI API to customise the LIXI2 schema: exclude unnecessary schema items, define attributes as mandatory, generate custom documentation, and more.
The LIXI API Template: Learn how to deploy a serverless LIXI API that will receive LIXI2 messages and execute a number of different functions: validate messages, translate between versions of LIXI2, customise schemas, download schemas and documentation and convert between JSON and XML.
Business Rules with Schematron: Validation against XML or JSON schemas allows us to check the basic structure of a LIXI2 message. Higher-level business rules, or conditional validation, can be achieved using our Schematron business rules. In this session, we will introduce a demonstration LIXI business rule sheet and show you how to extend it with your own business rules.