LIXI Training Debunks the Myths

Are data standards complicated?
Our training sessions debunk the myths!

LIXI standards are comprehensive, not complicated!

Following a series of nation-wide training sessions, the myth that data standards make life complicated is now well and truly debunked.

The sessions showed how to get the most value from LIXI, and how the latest data standards make it easy to be more efficient than ever. These events were also a great chance to connect and network with members all around the country.

320+ Participants

71 Organisations

6 Cities

Presented by our Technical Lead, John Matthews, we introduced LIXI, the LIXI2 suite of standards, our change management process in LIXILab, and a tutorial on the structure of a LIXI message. Also popular was an introduction to some of the LIXI premium tools, as was the opportunity to network with the LIXI community.

I’d like to thank everyone for attending and ask you to encourage others to attend in the future. The feedback was really positive and gave us some great ideas for future sessions.

Given the current COVID situation, we have moved our technical and business training online using Zoom. Our next event will be held on Wednesday the 29th of July, and you can find out more information here.

If you're interested in attending a training session in the future whether online or in person, please get in touch with us.

Shane Rigby
CEO, LIXI Limited
17th June 2019
Updated: 2nd July 2020

Last Updated: 25th June 2019