Timeline of a LIXI2 Release

Timeline of a LIXI2 Release

Posted on: August 4, 2020

Timeline of a LIXI2 Release
Important dates for this release:
Event Date
Last new requests To Nov 26
Developing solutions To Dec 3
Draft schemas available Dec 3
Final feedback accepted Dec 8
Final schemas released Dec 10

Please note these are estimated dates and remain flexible depending on the requirements of the LIXI member community.

Release Stages

4 Weeks Before Release:
Accepting New Change Requests

We are always accepting new change requests. We begin accepting new issue tickets for the next release in the last week of the previous release cycle. That is, in the week before a release is executed we will begin to accept new issue tickets for the following release. Open new LIXI Lab issue tickets here

3 Weeks Before Release:
Developing Solutions with the LIXI Community

Over the first three weeks of the release cycle we will develop solutions for each issue that is raised. In collaboration with the LIXI community, we will propose a solution that is visible to all LIXI members and is open for feedback from any LIXI member at any time. During this phase, we will continue to accept new issue tickets.

2 Weeks Before Release:
Last New Issues Will Be Accepted For This Release

Two weeks before a release is executed we will stop accepting new tickets for the release. The purpose of this is to allow time for LIXI members to examine the proposals and participate in the collaborative development of the solutions. We will begin accepting new change requests for the following release at this time.

1 Week Before Release:
Draft Schemas Available For Review

One week before the release is scheduled we will prepare a draft version of the new schemas and release them to our members for review. The draft schemas are available for download from the LIXI Lab repository, or you can request to receive a copy of the draft schemas via email.

2 days before release:
Last Feedback Acccepted On Draft Schemas

Feedback on the draft schemas must be submitted by the specified date. After this deadline has passed no more feedback will be accepted. LIXI members can give feedback on an open LIXI Lab ticket at any time by leaving a comment on the ticket.

Release Day:
Final Version Of Schemas Are Released

On the release date, the final version of the schemas will be made available for download from our website (links to all release downloads are here). Along with the XML schemas, we will also release JSON schemas, and schema documentation.

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Written by:
John Matthews, LIXI Technical Lead
Last Updated: Sept 15, 2021