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Survey Results 2020

Feedback from the LIXI Community

Posted on: February 18, 2021

Survey Results

In September 2020, LIXI conducted our annual survey to gain a better understanding of our community's perception of the value that LIXI provides and to explore how we can improve in the future.

We had a great response from our community, with 60% of LIXI's members and licensees organisations contributing at least one response. Thanks to everyone that participated.

"I cannot fault what you do, find everything very helpful. Thank you for your help! I really like the way you are helping everyone get up and running more easily... the code creation posts are great."

LIXI Tools

It was great to see that the effort we've put into the LIXI2 tools is paying off for our community!

Among those respondents that were in a position to know, 94% said that the LIXI2 tools are relevant and useful to their organisation. These tools help you build systems in a way that is easier to adapt to change, providing you with more automation with less effort.

A number of respondents had not heard about these tools, so if you've not seen the latest LIXI2 tools, and how they can help you, you should check out some of our latest blog posts about them here.

LIXI Standards Adoption

It's great to see the adoption of the LIXI2 standards continue to accelerate, with 40% of the question respondents now exclusively using LIXI2, and 25% reporting a combination of both LIXI1 and LIXI2 in use.

LIXI Events

71% of respondents indicated that they would like to attend an online equivalent forum which we then successfully held over the course of a week with a range of guest speakers. More online and hopefully in-person events will continue throughout 2021. Recordings of the forum sessions including a CAL Tutorial are now available online here.

Your Comments

We're still keen to hear your thoughts on the LIXI tools and standards. If you have any further feedback, questions or ideas please feel free to get in touch with our CEO Shane Rigby at

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