LIXI Standards Release Announcement

Standards Release Announcement

Posted on: October 27, 2020

LIXI is pleased to announce new updates to the LIXI standards, published on the 26th of October.

The Standards updates are available via the below links. View all the downloads here.

  • Credit Application for Australia (CAL 2.6.32)
  • Credit Decision for Australia (CDA 2.0.30)
  • Credit Application for¬†New Zealand (CNZ 2.1.5)
  • Documents Preparation and Settlements (DAS 2.2.32)
  • Serviceability (SVC 2.0.20)
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI 0.1.3-RFC)
  • Valuations (VAL 0.1.3-RFC)
  • Account Creation (ACC 0.0.14-RFC)

  • Along with the XML Schemas, JSON Schemas, and comprehensive documentation, we are excited to include some additional items to make it even easier to use LIXI2 - these are available on the release pages.

  • A CSV file containing all the items and definitions in the schema accompanies each standard - great for streamlining business analysis or mapping work.
  • Sample messages that illustrate the use of each new element and attribute accompany each standard. Read more about the LIXI2 Sample Repository here.
  • Our LIXI2 XML Viewer and Editor for CAL, CNZ, DAS & VAL makes it easy to view the new features, especially in conjunction with the new samples provided (requires a website login). Read more about the XML Viewer & Editor here.
  • Our serverless LIXI2 Demo API exposes validation against the LIXI2 schema and the shared business rules library directly from the our XML Viewer and Editors. This is based on an Open API v3 (Swagger) specification and makes it easier than ever to see how a LIXI2 implementation can take place. Members can request an API Key here.

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