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Proposed New Standard – Application Fraud Detection

Proposed New Standard
Application Fraud Detection

Posted on: May 18, 2021

What is proposed?

A member of LIXI has requested that a new standard be created to enable electronic messaging between credit origination systems and fraud detection systems. Some data captured during the credit application process is required to be delivered into a fraud detection system for further analysis.

The vast majority of the data required is already covered by the Credit Applications for Australia (CAL) Standard, but it is a very small subset of the entire CAL, hence a new standard would make using LIXI for this purpose much simpler. There will be a small number of new requirements not already covered by CAL.

What is the process for developing a new Standard?

All the LIXI2 Transaction Standards are derived from the LIXI Domain Model (previously referred to as the Master Schema). Our automated build processes make it easy to add a new standard to the build so that a new standard is created, as long as members are willing to contribute the requirements, the technical execution is relatively simple.

The initial set of elements and attributes that are to be included in the new 'AFD' standard that already exist in one of the LIXI standards are defined in this LIXILab Ticket. As with any LIXI transaction standard, some instructions need to be included in the standard, and the ticket for those instructions is being discussed in this LIXILab Ticket. Any new items required will be raised as separate tickets and labelled with the 'AFD' tag. You can see all open tickets related to the AFD standard here.

How do I get involved?

Members are invited to contribute comments on the requirements described on these tickets or to add additional requirements by raising new tickets in LIXLab. If your organisation is a member of LIXI, you are permitted to have access to LIXILab and you can register for an account here if you don't already have one.

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Written by:
Shane Rigby, LIXI Limited CEO
First Published: May 18, 2021