Process Excellence with LIXI2

Delivering Process Excellence
through Automation with LIXI2

The ability to operate effectively in a complicated systems environment such as mortgage origination requires the processes that underpin software delivery to be highly automated and extremely reliable. We at LIXI see ourselves as critical to this because a well designed SDLC based on LIXI2 offers lots of tools to deliver process excellence through automation.

Trigger a Build Process

Stay up to date with LIXI Standards. Why not automate a process that polls and downloads all the latest LIXI2 Standards ready for your automated build processes?

LIXI provides an easy way to automate a process that polls for changes and downloads all the latest LIXI2 Standards. This is perfect for triggering your own build process to automate more of your software delivery, deployment and testing regime.

Customise the LIXI Schema

Customisation by restriction gives you the tools to manage your subset of requirements, whilst still accessing the comprehensive data model that has been collaboratively developed over decades - a huge time and cost saver. Our new Schema Customiser Application gives you a a low-code method to customise the schema used for LIXI2 APIs.

Build Business Rules

The first step in achieving automation is building software tools, APIs and services that can be seamlessly integrated. In this post you will learn how you can write a self-updating business rule to test a set of sample messages.

Validate Business Rules

This blog post demonstrates how to fetch the latest standards, fetch a library of test messages, fetch some business rules (from LIXI Schematron Repository), and validate all the messages against both the latest standards and business rules.

Auto Code Generation

Creating class definitions is the first step developers undertake in order to build software that can handle a LIXI2 message, and LIXI has made it easy to create object-oriented class definitions from a LIXI2 schema in C#, Java, or Python.

Validate Messages

Test automation is a key step in LIXI integrations using agile software delivery. See how you can automate the validation of a library of LIXI2 messages with ease.

This blog post builds on this to fetch the latest standards, fetch a library of test messages, and validate all the test messages against the latest standards.

Test Case Coverage

Confidence in your regression tests is critical. See how easy it is to introduce test coverage analysis with LIXI2!

A part of our schema change test suite is a coverage test to ensure that every new element and attribute in each release is covered by at least one sample messages. Our methodology in this post might be useful if you are trying to develop your own sample coverage analysis.

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