Australia’s Open Banking API Standards Working Group is Underway

Australia's Open Banking
API Standards Working Group is Underway

Open Banking in Australia will have a significant impact to the services and the delivery of those services across the lending industry. LIXI community members may be interested in being involved in the definition of these standards.

The Data Standards Body tasked with designing Australia's Open Banking Standards (with Data61 as technical advisor) has now held it's first Advisory Committee Meeting (minutes available here).

The API Standards Working Group has been established and regular newsletters are being published (subscribe here).

Operating Model

The initial operating model for the working group will be an open online community based around The Consumer Data Standards GitHub Repository.


Proposals are published on GitHub as issue tickets and are available for comment for a short period after which feedback will collated and a recommendation made to the Chair to make a final decision.

Contribution Guidelines

Check out the guidelines for contributing in the project's file if you want to get involved.

Time is Short!

The first proposal has closed for comment, the second and third are open for feedback until this Friday 17th August 2018.

First Published: 9th August 2018 | Updated: 15th August 2018