Newly Released CAL 1.6 includes SMSF & Variations

The CAL 1.6 Package was released on December 18th 2012  and supports Variations and SMSF. Full explanations of these changes, and other changes, are included in the "LIXI CAL 1.6 Schema Changes" document included within the release package.

The full CAL 1.6 Package release may be downloaded from here, by logged-in LIXI users.


LIXI has responded to member requests for the LIXI Application schema to support the data required to carry a self-managed superfund investment property loan application. Accordingly, CAL (from version 1.5c) supports SMSF applications as a “Loan” in terms of the application type and a “Full Doc” in terms of the documentation type. The basic requirements for SMSF applications can be accommodated within the CAL schema as follows:

  • Applicant 1 is the SMSF trust, as Borrower, with the trustee details also provided and @TrustType="SMSF";
  • Income@Type for Applicant 1 (the SMSF trust/trustee) may include concessional and / non-concessional contributions;
  • Applicant 2 is the Security Trust, as Guarantor, with the trustee details also provided and @TrustType="SecurityTrust". The SMSF trust is shown as the Beneficiary of the Security trust;
  • The purchased property is owned by Applicant 2 (the Security trust/trustee, as guarantro) and is offered as security for the loan;
  • Additional guarantors (most likely persons) may need to be provided either to show income, to offer other security, or both;
  • Rental income is associated with purchased property
  • The fact that an application is for an SMSF product may be addressed within a lender-specific notification, for instance, as an enumeration in the Application@Type.