Naming Names: Acknowledging Working Together

While this article argues the necessity of collaboration and due credit within the architectural industry, the concept is entirely transferable to the lending industry and standards development.

In this paragraph from the article, I have simply replaced two words; 'architects' with 'lending industry professionals' and 'buildings' with 'standards'. Therefore, the rewritten question from the article asks, "Could we, as lending industry professionals do a better job of realistically portraying how standards come about and what our role is in the process? Absolutely! But we often seem so self-absorbed and so obsessed with getting our due credit that we fail to even see how much our success depends on working together. I am afraid we are increasingly victims of a propensity to isolate and compartmentalize what we do—to get defensive, draw boundaries, and live in silos."

Perhaps acknowledging all contributing individuals and organisations to a standard, such as a film credit does, would eliminate our tendency to work and live in silos. Is this something which you think standards organisations should consider doing? Would it make a standard more reputable to your organisation if you knew who had contributed to it's creation? Perhaps it doe not matter who the contributors were but only what the final content is. LIXI is always interested in our Members opinions and welcomes your feedback on this, and other industry issues.

Jennifer Hill / 15 March 2014