Mortgage Data Standards drive education in USA

This article from the USA claims that the US mortgage industry has historically lacked standardization but that education may be the solution to changing that.

MISMO has recently concluded their first wave of online training for individuals; the training focuses on MISMO concepts and fundamentals and their first three day course sold out. This article outlines why MISMO believes that education and certification are so important for standards moving forward.

As MISMO and LIXI hold similar roles and responsibilities for standards within their respective countries, and share some drivers and challenges, this article foreshadows some future changes within LIXI in the areas of education and compliance testing. The announcement of LIXI 2.0 in November 2013 at the LIXI Industry Forum included a Testing and Certification regime for CAL 2.0 and "LIXI 2.0 Fundamentals" technical training is currently under development and will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2014 with more sessions being planned throughout 2014.