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Features, Community & Tool Compatability LIXI2 LIXI1 Notes
JSON & XML Schema Definitions Since 2017 we have published LIXI2 JSON schemas that are the structural equivalent of the corresponding XML schemas for every release.
JSON to XML and XML to JSON Schema Aware Translators Since there are multiple ways to convert XML to JSON, we now provide LIXI2 translators that are schema aware, and are able to translate full round trips and maintaining consistency between all translations.
Pre-configured Library of Rules for Maximum Interoperability Radically increase your ability to automate many aspects of data integration projects, with our ready-made library of rules (we've already created close to 1000 rules). Read more here.
Full Structural Definitions LIXI2 explicity defines how the various entities in the schema are cross referenced. More details can be found here.
Consistency Between Different Transaction Standards The LIXI2 Schema Management Methodology using a single master schema enforces consistency between the different standards. No longer will the Credit Application message require complex translations to be able to use Credit Decision Engines, Serviceability Calculators, Valuation Platforms, LMI Providers, Document Pack Creators and so on.
An Active Community of Contributors supporting Regular Releases of Standards Updates The LIXI2 community activity can be viewed in LIXILab here (Login required). The full history of releases is available here.
State-of-the-Art Standards Management Supporting CI/CD By using automation and best practice source code control, development teams can access the LIXI2 standards at all stages of the SDLC.
Integrated Documentation & Glossary All the LIXI2 schema documentation is incorporated as annotations, enabling industry standard XML and JSON tools native access to the documentation. The glossary is managed as a standalone artifact, also accessible in LIXILab.
Compatible with Customisation By Restriction Our Customisation By Restriction framework gives you the tools to manage your subset of requirements, whilst still accessing the comprehensive data model that has been collaboratively developed over decades - a huge time and cost saver. Compatible with all recent LIXI2 standards.
Compatible with the LIXI Python Package The LIXI Python Package makes working with the LIXI2 data standards and with messages that are based on the LIXI2 standards incredibly easy. You can now perform many tasks that previously would have taken significant effort with a couple of lines of code. Compatible with all recent LIXI2 standards.
LIXI Tutorials These LIXI2 tutorials describe each of the components of a credit application, illustrate the LIXI2 entities and relationships with diagrams, and provide code examples of each component of a LIXI2 credit application.
Sample Messages Our comprehensive source of sample messages for regression, conformance, and interoperability testing makes data integrations easier than ever.
XML Viewer & Editor Our new LIXI2 XML Viewer & Editor is an incredibly easy way to visualise and edit LIXI2 messages (such as those published in our library of sample messages).
Auto Code Generators Creating class definitions is the first step developers undertake in order to build software that can handle a LIXI2 message, and LIXI has made it easy to create object-oriented class definitions from a LIXI2 schema in C#, Java, or Python.
LIXI2 OpenAPI Demo Our LIXI2 API Demo Template is another tool in a developer's arsenal to make LIXI2 integrations easier and faster. You can deploy an API from the template in under 30 minutes.
Electronic Guidebook An Electronic Guidebook (EGB) fully describes the internal business requirements that need to be published to the relevant distribution channels in order to gather and transmit a complete Credit Application using the LIXI2 CAL.
Credit Applications for Australia Enables the electronic submission of credit and associated deposit products applications from CRM and point of sale systems through mortgage/finance aggregation systems and lender/financier electronic lodgement gateways in Australia.
Credit Applications for New Zealand This standard enables the electronic submission of credit and associated deposit products applications from CRM and point of sale systems through mortgage/finance aggregation systems and lender/financier electronic lodgement gateways in New Zealand.
Serviceability Enables electronic messaging between credit origination systems and serviceability assessment providers in requesting serviceability assessments and returning serviceability assessment reports.
Credit Decisioning Enables electronic messaging between credit origination systems and credit decision systems in requesting credit assessments and returning results of credit assessments.
Lenders Mortgage Insurance Enables electronic messaging between lenders and mortgage insurers in the submission of applications for mortgage insurance, gaining approval for mortgage insurance, and returning mortgage insurance policy information.
Valuations Enables electronic messaging between lenders and valuers (and related service providers) in ordering, executing and returning reports for real estate valuations.
Document Preparation and Settlement Enables a Lender to submit an electronic request to a document production system to prepare loan documents ("Doc Packs") and to have the documents served electronically or to specify an alternative method of document return.
Account Creation Enables electronic messaging between lenders and loan servicing organisations, or lender core banking systems, when creating a new loan account.
Credit Applications Backchannel Support Backchannel messaging is fully integrated into each transaction standard in LIXI2 rather than an independent standard in LIXI1.
Customisable Forms Framework With these forms you can create, read and edit LIXI2 messages, validate messages against the schema and/or business rules and submit directly to a pre-configured API.

First Published: 8th December 2019 | Last Updated 23rd Feb 2021

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Written by:
Shane Rigby, LIXI Limited CEO
First Published: December 8, 2019