LIXI2 Library of Business Rules in Schematron

Library of Business Rules in Schematron

Posted on: June 23, 2020

We are excited to announce a new project that can radically increase your ability to automate many aspects of data integration projects, whether with third parties or internally.

This new project provides the blueprint AND a ready-made library of rules (we've already created close to 1000 rules) to describe requirements using Schematron in a manner that immediately provides a more collaborative, test-driven framework for both parties to the integration. If you manually document an interface requirement in a human-readable form (Microsoft-Word or PDF for example), you are slowing down development and testing.

Never again be caught out by out-of-date requirements - these rules can be the basis of an executable test that the developer builds code to resolve! Everyone involved spends more time on the areas where they deliver business value and less on the areas they don't. Never again waste time debugging mysterious API errors!

This project builds on the way the LIXI2 data standards already offer a whole new level of interoperability by providing a full structural specification. Read more about how LIXI2 improves upon either LIXI1 or Custom APIs here.


Our Mandatory Item Rules validate that all the 'best practice' items are populated, enabling the highest level of interoperability.

Introducing a ready-made library of rules and an ISO-Standard based, language-agnostic way of evaluating them.


Our Deprecation Rules validate that no items have been used that are marked for deprecation in our latest Standards release.


Our Cross-Reference Rules validate that any cross-references used within the message instance are valid.


Our Structural Rules validate conditional structural logic that cannot be implemented by the schema itself.


Our Example Policy Rules show how various credit policy checks might be defined.

Getting Started

This new project is hosted in LIXILab, and the project documentation is available here. LIXILab is the home of the change management tools for the LIXI data standards. Access is available to all employees of organisations that are members of LIXI (the list of LIXI Members is available here). If you are an employee of a member organisation and would like access, please fill in this form.

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Written by:
Shane Rigby, LIXI Limited CEO
First Published: June 23, 2020 | Last Updated July 7, 2020