Comprehensive LIXI2 Documentation

Comprehensive LIXI2 Documentation

Posted on: July 21, 2020

The LIXI2 data standards are incredibly comprehensive (see more here) - and our embedded documentation, tools and tutorials make the knowledge you need to use LIXI2 easily accessible for business analysts and developers alike.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

LIXI's tutorials take you through a number of different samples and scenarios to:

  • explain the components of a credit application
  • illustrate the LIXI2 entities and relationships with diagrams, and
  • provide code examples of each component

View in LIXI2 XML Viewer and Editor

The LIXI2 XML Viewer and Editor displays the schema documentation of each element and attribute right on the form where you can view and edit LIXI2 messages.

Customise the Documentation

The LIXI2 Documentation can be customised with your own definitions or information about your own internal mappings. For detail, see this blog post on creating documentation for a customised LIXI Schema.

LIXI2 Editor & Viewer

Easy Navigation

Quickly view the definitions of all the elements and attributes at every level of the hierarchy. Easily search and navigate the hierarchy within a single standard and drill into the detail you need - perfect for both developers and business analysts.

path component

Includes XML & JSON Schema and Instance Snippets

Each element and attribute contains a snippet of the schema (both XML and JSON) as well as a snippet of a message instance to make it easier to visualise its usage.


Getting Started

Once you've logged on to the LIXI Website (you need to be an employee of a member or licensee organisation), you can visit the latest documentation for each of our standards along with some useful tutorials:

What if my organisation is not a member or licensee?

If you'd like to gain access, you will need to have your organisation sign up as a member or licensee. Full details on how to become a member are available here and on how to apply for a licence are available here.

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Written by:
Shane Rigby, LIXI Limited CEO
First Published: July 21, 2020