LIXI2 Credit Application Tutorials

LIXI2 Credit Application Tutorials

Posted on: April 2, 2020 | Last Updated: March 31, 2021

A number of online tutorials that step through the details of creating a LIXI2 credit application are available that describe the components of a credit application, illustrate the LIXI2 entities and relationships with diagrams, and provide code examples of each component of a LIXI2 credit application.

These tutorials are available to logged in LIXI members here.


John Matthews, LIXI Technical Lead, presented a whistle-stop tour of the Credit Application Standard at the 2020 LIXI Forum. If you are logged into the LIXI Website you can watch the recording of this session.

Note: although these tutorials relate to a LIXI2 Credit Application, the entities described in the tutorials will be represented in exactly the same way if they are used in other LIXI2 standards whether it be for Valuations, Serviceability, Credit Decisioning, and so on.

Entity Relationship Diagrams

Throughout the tutorial we have provided diagrams that visualise the relationships between entities in a LIXI2 message. For example, a top level diagram for a simple single-applicant credit application.

XML Code Snippets

Through out the tutorials, specific code snippets further illustrate how each component of a LIXI2 message should be implemented.


Search Function

The search functions allows you to search the implementation guide for any tutorials relating to a specific topic.

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Take a look at our LIXI2 Single Applicant Credit Application Tutorial or at our LIXI2 Joint Applicant Credit Application Tutorial.

We also have separate tutorials describing the details of how to implement individual component of a LIXI2 message including Contact Details, Addresses, Household Details, Employment Income, Business Income, Unemployment Income, Assets, and Liabilities.

We have been continuing to add new credit application tutorials, such as the LIXI2 Interactive Tutorial for a Home Loan and the LIXI2 Interactive Tutorial for a Car Loan.

Feel free to contact any member of the LIXI team (or use our contact form) and we will be happy to help with more information.

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Written by:
John Matthews, LIXI Technical Lead
First Published: April 2, 2020 | Last Updated: March 31, 2021