LIXI Working Groups – Nascent

This page provides an overview of each of the LIXI Working Groups.

  • Mortgage Insurance Working Group
    The standards produced by the Mortgage Insurance working group relate to the process by which a lender requests a quote and approval from a mortgage insurance provider. The parties to the standards are therefore lenders and mortgage insurers. There are two ...
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  • Valuations Working Group
    The Valuations working group developed the standard covering the process by which valuation requests are made and valuation results received. The parties to the standard are lenders and valuers. The valuations standards is complete and is in use. Future development by ...
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How to Initiate a New LIXI Working Group

A Working Group is established when there is sufficient 'noise' and momentum to necessitate that a standard is developed. When there are substantial requirements enough to warrant a new initiative, and sufficient industry interest and momentum to support one, a LIXI Member can contact the LIXI Technical Director (refer LIXI home page) and request the initiation of a Working Group.

A Working Group must be proposed by a LIXI Member and seconded by another LIXI Member. Working Group delegates must belong or be an employee of an organisation which is a LIXI Member.