LIXI Working Groups – Active

This page provides an overview of each of the LIXI Working Groups.

  • Electronic Guidebooks Working Group The Electronic Guidebooks working group has delivered the first release of the LIXI Electronic Guidebook Standard (LIXI EGB 2.0.0 Standard), a core component of LIXI 2, on November 30th, 2015. Whilst the first version has been released, this working group will continue to ... (Read more)
  • Credit Decision Working Group The Credit Decision Working Group published the first version of the LIXI 2 Credit Decision (CDA) standard on the 5th May 2017 (CDA 2.0.0). Subsequent versions include: CDA 2.0.1 (16th June 2017) CDA 2.0.2 (1st September 2017) CDA 2.0.3 (22nd September 2017) CDA 2.0.4 ... (Read more)
  • Living Expenses Working Group 2018 Update: To support the evolving requirements of the industry, in November 2018 LIXI published a paper inviting input to shape the changes to the LIXI data standards. Recent industry changes required us to revisit the standardised categories which were updated ... (Read more)
  • Equipment Finance Working Group LIXI formed a working group in May 2013 to gather community requirements for standards for equipment finance transactions. An association between the equipment finance segment of the lending industry with the general LIXI standards community is a promising and timely ... (Read more)

How to Initiate a New LIXI Working Group

A Working Group is established when there is sufficient 'noise' and momentum to necessitate that a standard is developed. When there are substantial requirements enough to warrant a new initiative, and sufficient industry interest and momentum to support one, a LIXI Member can contact the LIXI Technical Director (refer LIXI home page) and request the initiation of a Working Group.

A Working Group must be proposed by a LIXI Member and seconded by another LIXI Member. Working Group delegates must belong or be an employee of an organisation which is a LIXI Member.