LIXI Welcomes Dimitra Dinos to the Board

LIXI is pleased to welcome Dimitra Dinos to the LIXI Board.

Dimitra joins Andrew Duckworth, Martin Lam, Stephen Moore, Mike Thanos, Simone Tilley, Martyn Beer and Warren Shaw as LIXI Directors.

Dimitra is currently the General Manager of Home Loan Product, Pricing and Credit Risk at Commonwealth Bank.

The strength of the LIXI Board continues with the current appointment of Dimitra Dinos. Dimitra has a highly relevant breadth of experience across banking and is passionate about driving innovation and improvement via leveraging data.

I’m sure Dimitra will be a fantastic addition to the LIXI Board.
– Stephen Moore, LIXI Chair

LIXI has come a long way since it was established and I am honoured to be working together with such a diverse range of experienced professionals on the LIXI Board and team to continue to drive improvements in the Australian financial services industry.

I think the opportunities to leverage data to improve efficiency and innovation for lenders in an increasingly data-driven and virtual world is very powerful and I look forward to working alongside the LIXI team to drive this.
– Dimitra Dinos, LIXI Director

Dimitra Dinos

Published: 6th August 2020