Proposed LIXI 1 Solutions to the Living Expense Working Group Requirements


Together with the proposed LIXI 2 solutions to the Living Expenses Working Group (accommodated in the LIXI Credit Application for Australia (CAL 2.6.0) Standard) LIXI will also publish changes to the LIXI 1 Schemas in order to support our existing LIXI 1 users.

Each of the most recent released versions within each LIXI 1 stream, has been changed with only non-breaking changes in a way that is consistent with the LIXI 2 solutions where possible. In addition, a 1.7 version has been proposed that incorporates breaking changes. These changes are available in the LIXILab environment for review and comment (see Accessing LIXILab):

Consultation Process

The consultation process for contributors to propose changes or to comment on the solutions is still ongoing. Please add your comments directly to the issues in LIXILab (comments are added at the bottom of the issue) or email LIXI directly at

The very latest changes are always available in real time in LIXILab.

Accessing LIXILab

Employees of all member and licensee organisations are entitled access to LIXILab. Please contact to request access if you would like to assist and contribute to these Issue Tickets or the Solutions proposed.


Updated: 13th December 2016