LIXI2 Overview

The LIXI2 suite of standards were designed using experience gained from almost two decades of implementations and support of the original standards suite (CAL, VAL, LMI and Backchannel being the most widely adopted).

LIXI2 offers substantial improvements over LIXI1 in a number of key areas, and our modern approach to managing the standards takes full advantage of those improvements.

Improved EULA and Collaboration

A greater level of collaboration is encouraged with the application of a more suitable End User License Agreement - schema extensions are contributed back to LIXI to be incorporated into the standards.

Cost Effective

As a member-based not-for-profit, efficiency is paramount! LIXI2 allows us to scale changes across many members and licensees, rather than one-off customisations, generating savings for us - and you.

Greater Clarity

LIXI1 standards were (by design) extremely flexible - but the same data could be represented in multiple ways. That flexibility was valuable in early implementations, but the LIXI2 standards offer a greater level of clarity.

Improved Interoperability

The unambiguous definition of all items allows for greatly enhanced levels of interoperability. Once you've implemented LIXI2 once, following implementations are vastly simplified.

Lightning Fast Implementations

The use of LIXI2 standards offers a competitive advantage over your own proprietary vocabulary and data model for B2B interfaces.

Compliance and Risk Management

Our LIXI2 standards represent industry-wide requirements, giving you confidence that they will meet your compliance and risk management needs.