LIXI2 Tools

Our industry leading LIXI2 tools offer the foundation for your digital mortgage process. We are continuing to develop new tools to make LIXI2 easier to implement. Check back here for updates as we add more tools in the future.

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The LIXI2 data standards are incredibly comprehensive and our documentation makes it incredibly easy to use and navigate through the standards.


These LIXI2 tutorials describe each of the components of a credit application, illustrate the LIXI2 entities and relationships with diagrams, and provide code examples of each component of a LIXI2 credit application.

Sample Messages

Our comprehensive source of sample messages for regression, conformance, and interoperability testing makes data integrations easier than ever.

XML Viewer and Editor

Our new LIXI2 XML Viewer & Editor is an incredibly easy way to visualise and edit LIXI2 messages (such as those published in our library of sample messages).

XML to JSON Converter

LIXI has developed a LIXI2 compliant XML to JSON converter. There are some subtleties to the XML/JSON conversion that mean using a generic converter (such as an online conversion tool) will not always convert the message correctly.

Schema Customisation

Customisation by restriction gives you the tools to manage your subset of requirements, whilst still accessing the comprehensive data model that has been collaboratively developed over decades - a huge time and cost saver. Our new Schema Customiser Application gives you a a low-code method to customise the schema used for LIXI2 APIs.

Rules Library

You can radically increase your ability to automate many aspects of data integration projects, whether with third parties or internally, and spend more time on the areas that deliver business value with our library of business rules.

Auto Code Generators

Creating class definitions is the first step developers undertake in order to build software that can handle a LIXI2 message, and LIXI has made it easy to create object-oriented class definitions from a LIXI2 schema in C#, Java, or Python.

Python Package

Using the LIXI Python Package, it has never been easier to get started with reading and validating LIXI2 messages in either XML or JSON format.

LIXI2 OpenAPI Demo

Our LIXI2 API Demo Template is another tool in a developer's arsenal to make LIXI2 integrations easier and faster. You can deploy an API from the template in under 30 minutes.

LIXI2 Customisable Forms Framework

The LIXI2 Customisable Forms Framework demonstrates how easy it is to operate on the data in a LIXI2 message, in a manner where the collection of data is only loosely coupled to the data transport format, encouraging innovation.

LIXI2 Launchpad

Our LIXI2 Launchpad provides a range of links to useful LIXI resources that support the use of LIXI2 standards.