LIXI Reference Implementations

Visible Loans

The Lending Industry XML Initiative (LIXI), in partnership with National ICT Australia (NICTA) has developed Visible Loans, a new 'publish and subscribe' reference tool that lets lenders and brokers share accurate, instant information on loan products. Visible Loans is a first for Australia, which has relied on manual processes (faxes and e-mails) to update critical loan information. Members can download the reference implementation for Visible Loans from the table of files available at the bottom of this page.

For more information, see the article New reference tool provides up-to-date loan information published in CIO, 21stĀ AprilĀ 2008, and the NICTA presentation on Visible Loans.

Valuations Reference Implementation

Many LIXI members have been asking for greater guidance from LIXI on how to implement LIXI standards. In response, LIXI has been collaborating with National ICT Australia to develop working examples of our standards in action. The Valuations Reference Implementation is now available as a package containing process models, WSDL files and working code showing how to implement both lender-to-valuer and valuer-to-lender transactions. The Reference Implementation could be used as a starting point for a production system or simply as a working example for developers.

Commissions Reference Implementation

The Commissions Standard Reference Implementation was sponsored by Microsoft and completed earlier this year. The implementation provides a number of examples of how the LIXI Commissions standard can be used to provide better integration to existing lender and broker system. The implementation includes code required to accept or send a commissions file in LIXI XML (by converting data to or from Excel format).