LIXI Implementation Guide


The goal of the LIXI Implementation Guide is to provide LIXI members with clear and broad guidance on how to build lender conformant exchange content using XML schemas. The recommendations given have been put forward in the expectation that their widespread adoption will be beneficial for the Australian mortgage industry as a whole. All information given on this page are recommendations only and are by no means mandatory for any entity implementing LIXI-based systems. It must also be understood that there is not a LIXI mandated way to implement a LIXI compliant system and that implementation of systems is dependant on users; LIXI defines the standards but does not enforce the method of implementation.

This implementation guide explains in detail lending industry messaging (implementations of LIXI/Vocabulary compliant data exchange lending systems) and validation of loan applications. It explains the former (messaging) by moving away from the technical framework and detailing a step-by-step process of how to develop exchange content that will support the underlining goal of lender data message interoperability. With regard to the later (validation of loan applications) users are provided with guidance on the topic of compliance with LIXI standards; it is each party’s obligation to ensure that the exchanged document content is LIXI conformant and can be consumed and understood by the intended receiver.

Intended audience

LIXI recognizes that this guide cannot focus on only one audience; rather it needs to accommodate users covering a wide range of technical proficiency and readiness for implementation. Therefore this implementation guide will provide an understanding and overview of the development of XML schema and guidance on the compliance with LIXI standards. Many lending industry participants may not be technical, but every reader should benefit from domain-specific UML, which illustrates the process of successful information exchange development.

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