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Change Management Processes

LIXI2 Change Requests

Our industry leading toolset and the innovative use of LIXILab for managing the LIXI Standards is an agile and robust approach that imposes the minimum outlay of time and cost to our stakeholders.

Incremental changes to the LIXI2 standards are managed through a highly collaborative process. New business requirements are raised by members as change request tickets, and with guidance from LIXI Staff the LIXI community iteratively discusses the requirement, the high level solution and finally the required modification to the schema.

A detailed breakdown of the process is available here.

Strength in Numbers

Our highly collaborative approach drawing in members from all areas of lending, including technology providers, lenders, broker groups, valuers, conveyancers, mortgage insurers means that our solutions are designed to meet industry-wide needs.

Fast Resolution

Our community of contributors is active, we have a variety of collaborators to call on in the change management process. As a result, there is always someone available to help collaborate relatively quickly to keep moving tickets along.

Highly Automated

Automation through our Continuous Integration (CI) model and toolset gives confidence that the changes made to our schemas are thoroughly tested at a low cost to our members and licensees.

Cloud Based

At LIXI we want our members to succeed at implementing highly scalable, efficient, cost effective business systems and processes. We endeavour to build our systems and processes in exactly the same way - using cloud technologies.

Available for Discussion

We are still a 'people-first' organisation and sometimes talking through the problem is better than a long series of typed responses. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your issue.


Transparency and traceability are important to us as a Standards Body and LIXILab provides that capability. The rationale and detailed process of making a change are often revisited in order to determine the intended implementation in the future.

New Standards

LIXI's schema management methodology and toolset allow the addition of new transaction schema with relative ease, particularly if there is significant overlap with any of the existing standards.

Contact LIXI if you would like to discuss the creation of a new transaction standard.

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