Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

LIXI2 Mortgage Insurance Standard (LMI)


This standard enables electronic messaging between lenders and mortgage insurers in the submission of applications for mortgage insurance, gaining approval for mortgage insurance, and returning mortgage insurance policy information.


The intended users of the standard are:

  • Lenders submitting applications for LMI
  • Insurance companies providing LMI
  • Licencees holding the appropriate licence (MC1, L2-C1, L2-C2, L2-C3, L2-C4, L2-I1, L2-I2, L2-I3)


The message content includes:

  • The applicant and loan details
  • The applicant's credit assessment
  • Real estate valuation of the property
  • Details of the insurance policy


The message types include:

  • Application for LMI from the lender to the insurer
  • Submission of supporting document to the insurer
  • A response, including the insurance policy details, from the insurer


(Members & Licensees Only)