LIXI Master Schema 2.2.6

Version Superseded

Please note that this version (2.2.6) was superseded on 1st December 2017 by version 2.2.7.
The latest version of all LIXI Standards are always available here.

LIXI issued this release of the LIXI Master Schema (version 2.2.6) incorporating releases of the derived Transaction Schema (CAL 2.6.6; DAS 2.2.6; CNZ 2.0.6 & CDA 2.0.4) on the 31st October 2017. As a part of this release, LIXI has published  RFC (Request For Comment) JSON specifications for each transaction schema. These  JSON schema files are available on each of the Transaction Schema Release Pages. Following feedback from members, some changes were made to the initial RFC JSON schemas, and all those that downloaded these versions notified on Friday 8th December 2017.

This release supersedes the LIXI Master Schema (LIXI Master Schema 2.2.5) and the derived transaction schema (CAL 2.6.5, DAS 2.2.5, CNZ 2.0.5 & CDA 2.0.3).

This release incorporates incremental non-breaking changes to the standards for Credit Application for Australia (CAL), Credit Application for New Zealand (CNZ), Documents and Settlements (DAS), and Credit Decision Standard for Australia (CDA).

This release incorporates support for:

  • Product package applications
  • Capture of applicant preferences under needs analysis
  • Application interview data and applicant responses
  • Guarantor interview data, and guarantor responses, loan writer confirmations and applicant eligability checks
  • New back-channel application statuses of "Application Received" and "Ready for Settlement"
  • Statement of financial position details for each applicant or married couple
  • Additional Account Variation options including Adding and removing guarantees and guarantee securities from an account
  • Additional company applicant details: associated legal entities, property investment, diversification, company solicitor
  • Directors and shareholders of related companies
  • Liability details including: NCCP Status and defence service housing information
  • Capture of details of the account into which fees are to be paid
  • Numerous technical enhancements including additional simple and complex types
  • Numerous additions to the glossary, documentation, and schema annotations

Artefacts in this release include:

Further documentation about the derived Transaction Schema releases can be found here:

Statement of Proprietary Information
This standard is confidential to LIXI Limited and may not be disclosed, duplicated, or used, for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of LIXI Limited. Both the XML Schema Definition files and associated documentation are licensed under the LIXI End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that can be found here: LIXI-End-User-Licence-Agreement. An introduction to this EULA is available here: Introduction to EULA 2013 10 V.2.pdf .

Updated: 11th December 2017