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Version Superseded

Please note that this version (Master 2.2.27) was superseded on 3rd July 2020 by version Master 2.2.28.
The latest version of all LIXI Standards are always available here.

14th May 2020

Breaking update to LIXI Master Schema 2.2.26 (released 30th March 2020) for CNZ standard, non-breaking update to all other standards.

Documentation (Members & Licensees Only)

  • LIXI Master 2.2.27 schema documentation

  • Overview

    This release includes a breaking change to the Credit Application for New Zealand (CNZ) Standard. Obsolete attributes have been removed from the CNZ standard and the definitions of elements and attributes with specific references to Australia have been updated to be country neutral. In addition to this, the broker declarations have been extended to collect more declarations relating to the applicants' identity and the origin of the information provided by the applicant. A general security agreement element has been added to support the scenario in which the applicant provides a security agreement over all current and future assets. New items have been added to the funder list and financial institution list.

    Change List

  • 'GeneralSecurityAgreement' Added to Existing Reference Targets of 'x_Security' #1209
  • Double Whitespaces and Trailing Whitespaces Removed from the Schema Labels and Documentation #1202
  • 'x_RateComposition' Change Annotation Reference Target to Rate Composition Element in Liability #1199
  • 'x_Repayment' Update the Annotation Reference Target Repayment Element in Liability #1198
  • 'Hull Identification Number' Update Definition to Remove References to Australia #1196
  • 'County' Definition Updated and References to Australia Removed #1194
  • 'NetAmount' Definition Updated to Remove Reference to Australia #1193
  • "Organisation" Definition is Updated and Reference to Australia Medical Association (AMA) is Removed #1192
  • 'ResidencyStatus' Definition is Updated to Remove Reference to Australia #1191
  • 'PreviousYearAmount' Definition is Updated to Remove Reference to Australian Dollars. #1190
  • 'Immigrant' and 'Immigration Date' Definition Updated to Remove Reference to Australia #1189
  • 'Watercraft Official Number' definition updated to remove references to Australian shipping registra... #1188
  • 'Identifier' Attribute Definition Updated to Remove Reference to Australian Post #1186
  • 'Amount' Attribute Definition Updated to Remove References to Australian Dollar #1185
  • Double Whitespaces and Trailing Whitespace need to be removed from the schema documentation #1182
  • 'Investment property utilities, rates and related costs' Deprecated From the Living Expense Category... #1180
  • 'AustralianState' Attribute Removed From CNZ Standard #1201
  • 'GNAF_ID' Attribute Removed From CNZ Standard #1195
  • 'AUDAmount' in Foreign Sourced Income Removed From the CNZ Standard #1187
  • 'RegisteredInState' Attribute Removed from CNZ Standard #1184
  • 'Foreign Birth Certificate' Added to Document Type List #1208
  • 'Have No Concerns About Applicant Identity' Added to Broker Declarations #1206
  • Additional Broker Declaration Questions Added to CAL Standard #1205
  • 'GeneralSecurityAgreement' Element Added to ACC Standard #1204
  • 'Well Nigh' Added to 'funderList' #1203
  • 'NZDAmount' Attribute Added in CNZ Standard Under Foreign Sourced Income #1200
  • 'Lender Loan Approval Date' Added to Loan Details in ACC Standard #1197
  • 'Broker Declarations' Extended to Collect the Broker's Answer to Additional Questions in the Broker ... #1183
  • 'Columbus Capital Pty Ltd' added to the financial Institution List #1181
  • Statement of Proprietary Information
    This standard is confidential to LIXI Limited and may not be disclosed, duplicated, or used, for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of LIXI Limited. Both the XML Schema Definition files and associated documentation are licensed under the LIXI End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that can be found here: LIXI-End-User-Licence-Agreement. An introduction to this EULA is available here: Introduction to EULA 2013 10 V.2.pdf .

    Updated: 14th May 2020