LIXI Credit Application for Australia (CAL 2.6.34) Standard

    LIXI Standards Release
    Credit Application for Australia
    CAL 2.6.34

14th January 2021

Non-breaking update to LIXI CAL 2.6.33 (released 23rd November 2020) derived from LIXI Master Schema 2.2.34.
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LIXI CAL 2.6.34 schema documentation


The release includes additional fields to support construction loans such as construction timeframe, estimated project profit, relationship to the builder, and so on. Real estate asset is extended to allow more property types for commercial, residential, industrial, and rural properties. The authority to operate a loan account and the method of operation can now be specified. Various new elements, attributes, enumerations, and schema annotations have been added to the standard.

Change List

  • "Capitalised Interest Amount" Added to the Standard for When Interest Is Partially Capitalized #1401
  • "Related Employer" Added to the Standard To Specify Whether the Foreign Employer Is Related to the P... #1398
  • "Estimated Project Profit" Added to the Standard #1387
  • "Estimated Construction Time Frame" Added to the Standard #1386
  • "Related Builder" Added to the Standard To Specify Whether the Builder Is Related to the Person Appl... #1385
  • "Construction Works Commenced" and "Construction Works Commenced Details" Added to the Standard #1384
  • "Quantity Surveyor" a Professional Who Specialises in Building Measurements and Construction Cost Es... #1383
  • "Construction Certificate Approved" Added to the Standard #1381
  • "Client Mandate" Added to the Standard To Specify the Broker Is Mandated by the Client To Find a Sui... #1378
  • "Interest Partially Capitalised" Added to the Payment Type List #1377
  • "Urgent Details" Added to the Standard To Specify the Reasons Why the Application Has Been Designate... #1376
  • "Line Fee" Added to the Fee Category List #1375
  • "Out of Contract Items" and "Out of Contract Items Cost" Added to the Standard #1374
  • "Pre Sales Amount" and "Pre Sales Details" Added to the Standard #1373
  • "Remoteness" of a Real Estate Asset Added to the Standard #1372
  • "Retail" Added to the Commercial Type List #1371
  • "Other" Added to Residential Type List and Rural Usage List #1368
  • "Related Employer" Added to the Standard To Specify Whether the Employer Is Related to the Person Ap... #1367
  • "Change Authority to Operate" Added as an Account Variation Type to Allow a Change in the Method of ... #1361
  • "Authority To Operate" Added to the Loan Details to Specify the Level of Authority Required to Opera... #1360

  • Statement of Proprietary Information
    This standard is confidential to LIXI Limited and may not be disclosed, duplicated, or used, for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of LIXI Limited. Both the XML Schema Definition files and associated documentation are licensed under the LIXI End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that can be found here: LIXI-End-User-Licence-Agreement. An introduction to this EULA is available here: Introduction to EULA 2013 10 V.2.pdf .

    Updated: 14th January 2021