LIXI Credit Application for Australia (CAL 2.6.32) Standard

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Version Superseded

Please note that this version (CAL 2.6.32) was superseded on 23rd November 2020 by version CAL 2.6.33.
The latest version of all LIXI Standards are always available here.

26th October 2020

Non-breaking update to LIXI CAL 2.6.31 (released 28th September 2020) derived from LIXI Master Schema 2.2.32.
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Documentation (Members & Licensees Only)

LIXI CAL 2.6.32 schema documentation


In this release, the operating expenses of companies and trusts are covered. The method used for the borrower's identity check is now captured. A new funder added to the funder list. Applicant and broker declarations are enhanced to cover more scenarios. Non real estate assets will have an asset reference number and a number of new financial institutions are added to the schema.

Change List

  • "All Applicants Benefit" Documentation Spelling Mistake Rectified. #1352
  • Items Related to Broker Declaration That Previously Added With Ticket #1150 Are Deprecated. #1353
  • "Homestar Finance Pty Ltd" Add to the Financial Institution List #1351
  • "Origin Mortgage Management Services Pty Ltd" Add to the Financial Institution List #1350
  • "Well Nigh Capital Funding No 1 Pty Ltd" Add to the Financial Institution List #1349
  • "Package" Option Available to Individual Loan Account Included in ACC #1348
  • "Method" of Identity Check to Indicate How the Applicant Is Identified #1346
  • "Operating Expenses" on the Profit and Loss Statement of a Company or Trust #1345
  • "Asset Reference Number" Add to Non-Real Estate Asset #1342
  • 'Loanworks' Add to the Funder List and "Sintex" Deprecate from the Funder List #1340
  • "Credit Guide Provided" and "Can Manage Loan Repayment" Add to Broker Declarations #1336
  • "Person Applicant" Include More Applicant's Declaration #1335

  • Statement of Proprietary Information
    This standard is confidential to LIXI Limited and may not be disclosed, duplicated, or used, for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of LIXI Limited. Both the XML Schema Definition files and associated documentation are licensed under the LIXI End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that can be found here: LIXI-End-User-Licence-Agreement. An introduction to this EULA is available here: Introduction to EULA 2013 10 V.2.pdf .

    Updated: 26th October 2020