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14th January 2021

Non-breaking update to LIXI ACC 2.0.0 (released 23rd November 2020) derived from LIXI Master Schema v2.2.34.
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XML schema without annotations (download)
XML schema with annotations (download)
CSV representation of schema items (download)
JSON schema without annotations (download)
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Documentation (Members & Licensees Only)

LIXI ACC 2.0.1 schema documentation


The release includes the average value of multi-dwelling developments. It is now possible to record whether a loan is partially or fully covered by lenders mortgage insurance (LMI), and record the LMI the stamp duty amount. The amount of partially capitalized interest is captured. The authority to operate a loan account and the method of operation can now be specified. Various new elements, attributes, enumerations, and schema annotations have been added to the standard.

Change List

  • "Other Identifier" by Which the Relationship Manager Is Known Added to the Standard #1400
  • "LMI Cover" Added to the Standard To Specify the Degree to Which the Loan or Liability Is Covered By... #1396
  • "Stamp Duty Amount" Added to the Standard To Cover the Portion of the Fee Amount That Is Paid in Sta... #1395
  • "Number of Units" and "Average Value of Units" Added to the Standard #1390
  • "Interest Partially Capitalised" Added to the Payment Type List #1377
  • "Retail" Added to the Commercial Type List #1371
  • "Change Authority to Operate" Added as an Account Variation Type to Allow a Change in the Method of ... #1361
  • "Authority To Operate" Added to the Loan Details to Specify the Level of Authority Required to Opera... #1360
  • "Lender Mortgage Insurance" Details Are Captured by Using "Insurance", "LIability" and "Fee" #1358

  • Statement of Proprietary Information
    This standard is confidential to LIXI Limited and may not be disclosed, duplicated, or used, for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the prior consent of LIXI Limited. Both the XML Schema Definition files and associated documentation are licensed under the LIXI End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that can be found here: LIXI-End-User-Licence-Agreement. An introduction to this EULA is available here: Introduction to EULA 2013 10 V.2.pdf .

    Updated: 14th January 2021