Document Preparation (DAS)

LIXI2 Document Preparation Standard (DAS)


This standard enables a Lender to submit an electronic request to a document production system to prepare loan documents ("Doc Packs") and to have the documents served electronically or to specify an alternative method of document return.


The intended users of the standard are:

  • Lenders submitting information to a document generation service
  • Document generation service providers
  • Licencees holding an appropriate licence (MC1, L2-C1, L2-C2, L2-C3, L2-C4, L2-DAS1, L2-DAS2, L2-DAS3)


The message content includes:

  • All information that is included in the "Doc Pack"
  • Instructions for document generation
  • Conditions that must be met as part of the documentation process.


The message types include:

  • Request for documents to be generated
  • Request for additional documents to be generated
  • Updates on the status of the document generation


(Members & Licensees Only)
Schema documentation: