Credit Decisioning (CDA)

LIXI2 Credit Decisioning Standard (CDA)


This standard enables electronic messaging between credit origination systems and credit decision systems in requesting credit assessments and returning results of credit assessments.


The intended users of the standard are:

  • Lenders and other parties requesting credit assessments
  • Credit assessment service providers
  • Licencees holding an appropriate licence (MC1, L2-C1, L2-C2, L2-C3, L2-C4, L2-CDA1, L2-CDA2, L2-CDA3)


The message content includes:

  • Applicant and loan details
  • Instructions for the credit assessment
  • Credit assessment results


The message types include:

  • A request for credit assessment
  • Notifications of the status of the credit assessment
  • Returning the results of the credit assessment


(Members & Licensees Only)
Schema documentation: