Credit Applications for NZ (CNZ)

LIXI2 Credit Applications for NZ Standard (CNZ)


This standard enables the electronic submission of credit and associated deposit products applications from CRM and point of sale systems through mortgage/finance aggregation systems and lender/financier electronic lodgement gateways.


The intended users of the standard are:

  • Brokers and broker aggregators
  • Lenders (banks and non-bank lenders)
  • Third party loan origination platforms
  • Credit score service providers
  • Mortgage insurance providers
  • Licencees holding an appropriate licence (L2-CNZ)


The message content includes:

  • Applicant details for individuals, companies, and trusts
  • Comprehensive details of the financial product, or products, and loans with complex product structures
  • Assests, liabilites, income and expenses, employment, and company financials
  • Applicant and coapplicant need analysis interview
  • Instruction for the message recipient
  • Workflow information (status updates) for the application


The message types include:

  • Submission of needs analysis
  • Submission of application data
  • Submission of account variations
  • Application resubmissions
  • Submission of supporting documents
  • Notifications of the status of the application
  • Notifications of loan conditions that must be met


(Members & Licensees Only)