LIXI 2 Technical User Guide

This LIXI 2 Technical User Guide is the resource LIXI will use to provide additional context to supplement the schema documentation issued with each release. The schema documentation defines each element and attribute, but there are times where a more general discussion can help describe general usage or a feature that encompasses components across the schema. This type of information will be placed here. In addition, snippets of XML that demonstrate the various features may be provided along with links to sample XML files within the LIXILab Repository.

Note that the schema documentation is version controlled, however this LIXI 2 Technical User Guide should always be considered to be valid for the current versions of the LIXI 2 schema only. The detailed pages within the LIXI 2 Technical User Guide are only available to registered and logged in LIXI users.

The list is continuously expanding over time. Please submit feedback here.


Updated: 23rd August 2017