LIXI Glossary
    The Language of Lending

Collaborative Initiative

A collaborative initiative that defines business and technical terms commonly used in lending industry. These terms are frequently referenced from definitions within the LIXI standards, and are required to correctly interpret & implement one of the LIXI standards.

Understand and Be Understood

The LIXI Glossary literally assists the industry in speaking the same language. Used in conjunction with the LIXI Standards, the LIXI Glossary becomes a powerful industry tool towards standardising the language used by the industry.

Glossary management

The LIXI Glossary is managed within LIXILab, which provides all the discussion tools, as well as versioning and control around changes to the glossary terms in the same way we manage our LIXI Standards. Each LIXI standards release includes the publication of the latest version of the LIXI Glossary.

Glossary Access

The latest glossary release is available here for registered website users (anyone employed by a LIXI member or holder of a license to use any LIXI Standard).

Updated: 2nd February 2018