This LIXI initiative defines business and technical terms commonly used in lending industry in relation to messaging and the requirements for message definition. As an industry-wide glossary it will assist in the development of new and updated standards, and the interpretation and implementation of existing LIXI standards. It will assist the industry in, literally, speaking the same language.

Enter the LIXI Glossary.

There is a search function at the top of the glossary page and links to related schema items are included. Every term, and every individual 'sense' of each term, has its own unique URL, visually depicted with an 'anchor' symbol. Feel free to copy the link location to use in a hyperlink in your documentation.

The Glossary is incomplete, in the sense that there are terms that the community should agree on that aren't there, and in the sense that the definitions that are there may need some fine tuning. Allowing communication and feedback from the lending industry is critical in arriving at a final ‘real-life’ definition for industry adoption.

Used in conjunction with the LIXI Standards, the LIXI Glossary becomes a powerful industry tool towards standardizing the language used by the industry.