• Complexity

    Why LIXI2 is a Game-Changer (Part 2)

    The cost of change in the mortgage origination ecosystem has become too high, but rapid change is needed to meet regulatory and market demands. This post looks at how LIXI2 is enabling an ecosystem of lower complexity, more efficient and adaptable data integrations.

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  • F1v2

    Why LIXI2 is a Game-Changer (Part 1)

    An awesome customer journey starts with suppliers having the people, processes, and tools to readily adapt as demands arise. Investing in an SDLC that can support the speed of change required is frequently deprioritised. Innovation around LIXI2 is supercharging the tools that support automation in the complex credit origination software ecosystem.

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  • Classes 1

    Generate Class Definitions from a LIXI2 Schema

    We have published a series of blog posts outlining how easy it is to create object-oriented class definitions from a LIXI2 schema in C#, Java, or Python.

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  • Tutorials

    LIXI2 Credit Application Tutorials

    LIXI has released a number of online tutorials that step through the components of a LIXI2 credit application, explaining the implementation of each component, and illustrating them with diagrams and code examples.

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  • Open4

    We’re still open for business

    LIXI remains open for business, and has issued a new release of our LIXI2 Data Standards on 30th March 2020.

    Thanks to our community of contributors for continuing to collaborate – without your input our regular releases would not be possible.

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