Electronic Guidebooks (EGB)

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LIXI Electronic Guidebooks (EGB)


An Electronic Guidebook (EGB) fully describes the internal business requirements that need to be published to the relevant distribution channels in order to gather and transmit a complete Credit Application.


The intended users of the electronic guide book are:


The EGB standard covers three general areas:

  • a description of the data required by the lender and how each element maps back to the relevant LIXI 2 Transaction Standard;
  • a definition of how the lender expects to see both on-screen and print forms (layout, order, field names etc); and
  • rules about the product and the submission of an application including various validation rules.


(Members & Licensees Only)
The initial release of the LIXI EGB Standard is available to members and licensees here: 

Updated: 28th October 2019