Overview of LIXI Electronic Guidebooks

An Electronic Guidebook (EGB) fully describes the internal business requirements that need to be published to the relevant distribution channels in order to gather and transmit a complete Credit Application.

A key component of LIXI 2 is the LIXI Electronic Guidebook Standard (in the form of an XML Schema Definition). This standard provides a mechanism for publishing an Electronic Guidebook in a manner that can be used to easily generate a Credit Application message in XML format that conforms to the LIXI 2 standard for Credit Applications.

The EGB standard covers three general areas:

  • a description of the data required by the lender and how each element maps back to the relevant LIXI 2 Transaction Standard;
  • a definition of how the lender expects to see both on-screen and print forms (layout, order, field names etc); and
  • rules about the product and the submission of an application including various validation rules.

The initial release of the LIXI EGB Standard is available to members and licensees here: LIXI EGB 2.0.0 Standard.

Updated: 1st December 2015