LIXI Appoints CEO – Shane Rigby

LIXI Limited (LIXI) today announced the appointment of Dr Shane Rigby as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Shane joined LIXI in July 2015 as Chief Technology Officer after holding a series of technology and banking roles internationally.

Shane said “As an independent body, LIXI is uniquely placed to foster a deeper sense of community and enable a greater level of participation in our collaborative efforts. LIXI is ideally situated to help drive efficiencies across the lending industry and further promote the democratisation of the lending data standards.”

“The value LIXI brings to the table, whilst underpinned by technology, is around the business capabilities that an industry standard provides. LIXI will continue to make it easier, faster, and more efficient to manage the data that is exchanged, whether it be driven by regulatory changes or business opportunities.”

LIXI Chair, Lisa Claes said “Shane has demonstrated a passion for delivering business value through the use of technology. His background in banking and technology has framed his vision for LIXI’s future in what is an exciting time for the lending industry. The rate of change is unprecedented, both in terms of the technology environment and the business environment, and LIXI is proactively supporting this rapid development.”

Shane commented that “LIXI’s history, with over 15 years of collaboration from across the lending industry has built a base for innovation like no other. Our new tools and standards will be key in allowing our members to adapt to deliver new business functionality, enable digital transformation and to compete in the API economy as well as making data more accessible to big data analysis tools. I look forward to deepening my engagement with the LIXI community and to deliver on LIXI’s strategic objectives.”

Paul Lahiff, LIXI Director, praised Shane’s delivery record at LIXI as CTO, “Shane and the team have delivered significant innovation, providing a new toolset for standards management, making it possible to release two new standards and respond to hundreds of member-requested changes over the past six months.”

Shane can be contacted via phone on 0476 156 598 or email

About LIXI Limited

  • LIXI is a member-based not-for-profit company that develops data message transaction standards for the lending industry, and promotes improvements in efficiency in mortgage processing.
  • LIXI is an enabler of flexibility, efficiency and scalability to the lending process through enhancements to the standards.
  • LIXI’s vision is to collaboratively develop and maintain data standards for the lending industry, enabling cost efficient and scalable processing of customer transactions.