LIXI 2.0 Fundamentals – 9 April 2014

LIXI 2.0 Technical Training Well Received by the Industry

LIXI 2.0 Fundamentals, the first LIXI technical training to focus exclusively on LIXI 2.0, was very well received by participants on the day and is shaping up to be a popular 'in-house' training option for organisations.

Presented by LIXI CEO, Erik Fenna, the training introduced participants to the principles of LIXI 2.0, providing an overview of the technical architecture and schema design of both CAL 2.0 and the Electronic Guidebook standards and covered in-depth the concepts, architecture and inclusions of the Electronic Guidebook, LIXI Data Dictionary, CAL 2.0 and change management to the new standards.

As Erik Fenna stated, trust in the data is paramount for electronic messaging, especially as it interacts with other data, and this was the fundamental reason for the creation of the LIXI Data Dictionary, CAL 2.0 and the Electronic Guidebook standard. In response to CAL 1.x data lacking standardization between arm's length parties and having been extended so extensively over the last decade, the LIXI 2.0 Data Dictionary was developed as the core of CAL 2.0, which itself is just a new structure for expressing the data dictionary contents.

Discussion at the event was lively and interactive, focusing primarily on schema versioning, the technical architecture of CAL 2.0, and review of how the electronic guidebook standard will be used in real life applications. How to extend enumerations and string fields was addressed and the relationship between CAL 2.0 and the electronic guidebook standard was covered in depth.

The central CBD location was a convenient, plug and plug venue which allows participants to focus on exploring and learning about this new initiative within the lending industry. Because the data and messaging is not a competitive space; price and service are, organisations were able to benefit from open discussion on the benefits and challenges of the new standards. Feedback from one participant (via the online survey) summed up the event.  "Great course, if anything it was a little too short for the material!”

As LIXI is very aware, each organization differs in terms of technology and business requirements, and in response, LIXI is offering the LIXI 2.0 Fundamentals technical training to organizations in-house. This allows organizations to ‘privately’ discuss their specific requirements, intentions and goals in regards to LIXI 2.0 at a time and date convenient for their organization. If this training option is of interest to your organization, please email LIXI at