Living Expenses and the LIXI Standards

Living Expense Category Changes

The lending industry is currently faced with an unprecedented level of focus. Several factors continue to influence the way in which a lender uses the available data to assess a credit application, particularly around the verification of a consumer's living expenses. To support the evolving requirements of the industry, LIXI is inviting input to help implement appropriate changes to the LIXI data standards.

The categories into which a customer's living expenses are allocated in a credit application were last updated in the LIXI data standards in 2016 through an industry consultation process. Recent industry changes require us to now revisit these standardised categories.

LIXI has received several change requests from our members, and discussion of these requests has commenced. We are seeking collaborative input from our members to help in clarifying the requirements, proposing and endorsing the changes, and implementing appropriate changes to the LIXI Data Standards. The change requests are now available in LIXILab for members to contribute discussion (available here for those with access to LIXILab). Employees of member organisations can access LIXILab by contacting

We have today published a paper (available for download here) describing the rationale for change, the high-level changes requested, and further details of how to get involved.

First Published: 12th November 2018