What benefits do LIXI members get?
What are the benefits of LIXI for consumers?
How do I become a member?
How much does it cost to be a member of LIXI?
What are the LIXI licence fees for?
What is the LIXI Master Comprehensive licence class?
Why not adopt the North American standards?
Will LIXI provide certification?
Will I get a warranty with the LIXI XML Standard?
What is the purpose behind the licensing policy?
Why is there no right to sub-licence?
Who owns the I.P. contributed by Members to LIXI?
What is the scope of a Licence granted by LIXI?
Does a LIXI licence cover end-users of a Licensee?
Can I sell LIXI-based software to non-Licensees?
Does LIXI's licensing model breach 3rd-line forcing rules?
Where is the LIXI Equipment Finance Standard?
What happens to my licence if LIXI is ever wound up?
How do you encapsulate an SMSF application into CAL??

LIXI Membership and Licensing offer many benefits. For application forms and information on joining, please visit this page.

What is the LIXI Master Schema?
How does LIXI define a breaking or non-breaking Schema Change?
How often does LIXI update the LIXI2 data standards?
How reliable is your data standard release frequency?
Does LIXI only support XML?
Does LIXI support JSON as well as XML?
How do I deploy the LIXI2 API?
Why not just use an existing DTD?
Where can I view a sample LIXI2 message?
What does LIXI offer to assist with reading and validating LIXI2 messages in either XML or JSON format?
How do I view and edit XML?
Do you have any LIXI2 tutorials?
How can I automate my data integration projects?
What is LIXILab?
Where can I sign up for LIXILab?
I've raised a ticket in LIXILab, how long will it take to resolve?