Premium Tools for Members

As the LIXI Community develops tools, processes or approaches that are useful they will be shared here. These tools typically consist of code that can be used by members that help with implementing a B2B interface or internal systems based on the LIXI2 Standards. You will need an account on LIXILab to access these projects - contact LIXI if you'd like access.


Want to publish an API into AWS API Gateway to accept a LIXI2 message, and use AWS Lambda. You can validate, transform, save to the cloud, validate business rules and add your own custom code with ease! Get Started in 15 minutes!

Business Rules Evaluation

The LIXI Schematron Demo Project contains a demonstration of how Schematron can be used to validate business rules - for example that all person applicants are over 18 when the message was published.

Customisation By Restriction

Do you find that the Schema is far larger than what you need? LIXI developed the Customisation By Restriction methodology for exactly this reason. Find an overview of the customisation by restriction methodology and how to get started here. Our new Schema Customiser Application gives you a a low-code method to customise the schema used for LIXI2 APIs.

Check for Deprecated Items

The LIXI Schematron Demo Project contains a Schematron File that contains the rules to test a LIXI2 XML File for any elements or attributes that are deprecated.

GraphQL Demo

This project offers a demonstration of a GraphQL interface to a SQLLite Database via a Django REST API Framework that mirrors the LIXI2 CAL Schema Structure.

CDA/Equifax DP3 Translation

This project offers a demonstration of translation code for a LIXI2 CDA XML Instance to interface to Equifax DP3 and retrieve the response in LIXI2 CDA XML format.

LIXI2 Version Transformations (XSLT)

With each LIXI2 release we now automatically produce XSLT documents that transform XML messages to and from the latest released version of each LIXI2 Transaction Standard. The transformations are available for every LIXI2 release from the Master Schema 2.0.0 until the most recent release.

LIXI Transformation AutoGen

Currently a work-in-progress, this framework enables a technical BA or developer to enter mapping details and auto-generate code (C#.NET, Groovy or Python) for transforming messages between two different schemas (not necessarily standard LIXI schemas). This can be customised to add your own requirements enabling you to quickly implement a LIXI2 interface to another data model.

More to come

Keep checking back as our community continues to contribute tools ...