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... become a LIXI Member

What is LIXI Membership

Your organisation's Membership of LIXI is your key to accessing a range of benefits, as distinct to holding a Licence (which permits you to use one or more LIXI Standards, or derivations of those standards, in a Production Environment).

Benefits of LIXI Membership

Our Community

LIXI members come from all areas of lending, including technology providers, lenders, mortgage managers, broker groups, valuers, conveyancers, mortgage insurers others along the lending supply chain (full list).


Collaboration through LIXILab and involvement in LIXI events are great opportunities to network with like-minded colleagues.

Attend our Events

LIXI membership allows all employees free access to a range of training events, networking events and the Annual Forum.

Stay Plugged In

Stay tuned to all the latest news, events and trends through our newsletter.

Access our Tools

Membership gets you access to a suite of premium tools making implementations easier.

Help Plot LIXI's Future

As a member, you can raise change requests, request new standards, nominate for the board or committees and participate in the collaborative development process.

How do I become a LIXI Member

An Australian LIXI Membership is available to organisations with an ABN. To apply to become a LIXI Member, please read and complete the LIXI Membership Application Pack and send to admin@lixi.org.au.

The LIXI Membership Application Pack contains the following:

  • LIXI Membership Application Form
  • LIXI Membership Terms & Conditions
  • LIXI IP Policy

Once LIXI receives and accepts your application, an invoice will be raised (see LIXI Membership Fees for pricing details).

After payment is received, your membership will be activated immediately.

How much does membership cost?

The schedule of fees is available here.