Benefits of Membership

LIXI membership provides value to your member organization by facilitating standards development for industry participants in order to facilitate fast, effective electronic communication and data transfer. LIXI members come from all areas of the lending community, including technology providers, lenders, mortgage managers, broker groups, valuers, conveyancers, mortgage insurers and many others along the lending supply chain.

The benefits of this industry collaboration include:

  • Improved compliance and risk management – consistent implementation of operations and processes; reduced cost of compliance and increased transferability of staff skills
  • Improved operational efficiency – faster application processing times; more accurate data; reductions in rework, duplicated data entry, and other non-productive costs
  • Improved technology investment decisions – managing costs of future systems changes; effective interfaces with business partners and ability to change service providers easily
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction – consistent service for all customers; customers see an improvement in quality of service, timeliness, and accuracy
  • LIXI provides numerous opportunities for members to network as well as contribute to standards development (conferences, working groups, technical training and evening series), hence being at the forefront of industry communications initiatives and discussions.
  • The annual LIXI Forum is the flagship networking event and is free to all Member employees.
  • Your organisation will get the most out of your LIXI Membership by getting involved in the capacity most suited to your needs, whatever that is for your organisation.

LIXI also allows members the opportunity and ability to license LIXI IP through the many standards published for licensed use. These include applications, commissions, backchannel, valuations & settlements with progress continuing in other areas of the value chain.

Next Steps

LIXI Membership offers many benefits. To join, Membership application forms are located here.