Getting Started with LIXI

Welcome to LIXI. If you are an employee of an organisation that is a LIXI member or licensee, then congratulations! There is a range of resources available to you - simply register for an account under the links below. If you need any assistance please contact us.

LIXI Website

Register for a LIXI Website account here and you can access:

  • All the LIXI2 Schemas (XSD & JSON)
  • The latest documentation (both the searchable website version and a CSV file for each standard) for each release.
  • A range of tutorials
  • Our LIXI2 XML Viewers & Editors
  • A suite of LIXI tools available.
  • Our LIXI2 Launchpad.
  • ecosystem

    LIXILab (Members only)

    You can register for a LIXILab account here.

    Your logon to LIXILab grants you access to a range of other resources including:

  • The LIXI2 Sample Repository, which is a great resource for automated testing.
  • The collaborative project in which we are developing a library of industry-wide business rules that is brilliant for conformance testing. See the details here.
  • The LIXI2 Schemas Repository (details here), for direct GIT access to clone all the LIXI2 schemas, rather than manually downloading them individually. This enables an automated workflow that incorporates any of our LIXI2 Tools in a Continuous Integration style agile workflow, or automatic code generation as described here.
  • Our Demo API project that you can use to deploy a Serverless LIXI2 API based on AWS API Gateway and Lambda functions that are great for plug and play third party LIXI2 integrations (details here).
  • Access to call our Demo LIXI2 API based on OpenAPI v3 that is perfect for quickly understanding the workflow of LIXI messages, made available directly on the LIXI2 Viewers & Editors. Request an API Key here or contact us for details on how to use it with either the Swagger Editor or with Postman.

  • Introduction to Data Standards